About Me

I was born and raised in Turin, Italy where I attended the European Institute of Design to study photography. I then moved to the United States to pursue cinematography at the New York Film Academy and, now that I have graduated, I spend my time developing my craft on an array of independent projects.

What I look for in photography, both still and moving, is beauty- that unique quality that tints everything and everyone. I especially like to see how light interacts with physical objects like buildings, nature and humans. No matter what I am looking at, I can immediately spot that special element that gives it character.

From a young age, I have always had the desire to capture the essence of people and things. Whether it be a photograph or a moving image, I strive to make the viewer unaware of the camera. I want you to get lost in the story, its beauty and its poetry. I want to surprise you by offering a new perspective to things.

I believe that, much like other art, photography and cinematography should open the audience’s mind and encourage them to see their own lives differently.